Limiting Your Public Information

In today’s day and age public information and records are easily found through internet search engines. Your personal and residential information is only a few key strokes away. This is a very scary thought, especially where daily throughout the nation, police officers are being targeted and attacked.

For years, the PPA has been helping its members remove their residences from the assessor’s website. Although this is not a fool proof system, as motivated persons may still be able to access this information through other websites or sources. The PPA, along with other law enforcement associations, successfully lobbied the Nevada Legislature to allow peace officers and judges to have personal information removed from the County Assessor’s website. To complete the court order removing your personal information, simply come up to the PPA office and fill out the paperwork. You will sign all the appropriate documentation and the office staff will notarize the paperwork and file it with the courts. We will then send the legal forms off to District Court for you.

Once the court order is filed, your name will not be a viable search option on the County Assessor’s website. If you choose, the aerial photo of your home will be scraped (blacked out). The court order will be executed by the Clark County District Court as an administrative, confidential order and sent to the Clark County Assessor’s Office for processing.

Please consider taking advantage of this service now. Don’t think that your name will never be in the media or public. Every day that you report for work and interact with the public, your name is out there. Protect yourself, protect your family, and attempt to control what information is available on you