Tops Cops Nomination

Top Cops Nomination

It is a great honor to nominate the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for the Top Cops Award.

Officer Brett Brosnahan, Officer Tim Gross, Officer Zachery Beal, Officer Troy Nicol, Officer Ryan Fryman, Officer Greg Stinnett, Officer John Bethard, Officer David Corbin, Sergeant Kurt McKenzie and Sergeant Christopher O’Brien will graciously accept the award on behalf of the LVMPD family.

Top CopsThe following officers were the first responders to the scene and the first entry teams on June 8, 2014, the day we tragically lost Igor Soldo and Alyn Beck, and should be commended for their bravery, courage and work: Brian Steelsmith, Anna Briggs, Rich Thomas, Shawn Smaka, Matthew Hovanec, Randy Sorensen, Patrick Sherwood, Christopher Reahm, Darren Green, Mitchell LeGrow, Andrew Traveller, Steven Hough, Michael Evans, David Corbin, Joseph Hemphill, Baudelio Gastellum, Kristine Crawford, David Deleon, Derrick Saxon, Matthew Rowe, Sergio Orizabal, Jenny Marx Rodriguez, John Brandon, Zachary Baughman, Ronald Hornyak, Shawn Izzo, John Beckerle, Justin Terry, John Bethard, Michelle Funes, Thomas Bachman, K-9 Richard Vorce, K-9 Jason Dukes, K-9 Tom Moore, Sergeant Kurt Mckenzie and Sergeant Christopher O’Brien.

The following SWAT officers responded to the scene and formed an entry and arrest team, and should be commended for their bravery, courage and work on June 8: Michael Walters, Anton Gorup, Will Germusen, Karl Knowles, Jair Brown, Peter Montesanti, John Wiggins, Cody Thompson, Paul Dapra, James Bertuccini, Manuel Rivera, Ramon Nakhla, Dewane Ferrin, Donald Ruberio, John Thayer, Jay James, Patrick Ledbetter, Mark Linebarger, Charles Moser, Troy Wilson, Cory Mickelson, Ciprian Arcalean, Leaareon Fincher, William Marx, Joey Herring, Joseph Emery, Joe Susich, Bill Giblin, Bryan Peterson, Bob Lewis, Kevin Stephens, Sergeant Michael Quick, Sergeant Roderick Hunt and Lieutenant Peter Boffelli.

Top CopsThe entire agency needs to be commended for its bravery, courage and work on June 8: the call takers, dispatchers, Criminalistics, CIRT, FIT, Homicide, ARMOR, Counter Terrorism, PEAP, the PPA, the PMSA, LVMPD command staff and so many other sections that responded and helped. It is impossible to try to mention everyone and not leave someone out, and that is very disheartening. From outside the agency, CCFD, NHP and many other agencies helped as well.

Our entire agency performed at an exemplary level during this tragic event. The lives lost and hearts broken can never be healed. However, as a law enforcement community, this award shows the nation that even in tragedy, the men and women of LVMPD are professionals, we are human, we have feelings and we hurt, and we will respond to your calls for help with the same focus and drive as displayed on this fateful day.

– Bryan Yant

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