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January/February 2023

New Direction for LVMPD

I hope the holiday season was extremely enjoyable for all of you and your families. For the last eight years, every turn of the calendar found us still under the leadership of Sheriff Lombardo. This will be a first for all of us since 2015 that we have a new leader for our organization. My time as president of the LVPPA has solely been working with Sheriff Lombardo, and with that... Read More »

Attention to Detail

As most of you have learned or will find out in the future, attention to detail will keep you from getting an invitation to an involuntary tour of IAB. I’m going to focus on the jail side of this warning because the cameras never stop recording from the minute you pull into the garage or sally port until the last second the cameras record you driving away from CCDC.  Read More »

LVPPA Delegates

As a team, we are always looking to improve our performance and how we interact and represent our members. We need to constantly be forward thinking and engaged with the membership and what you need. We, as a team, saw an area we could improve, and that is our communication with the membership. In late August, Steve Grammas and I were invited to attend the annual NYC PBA Delegate... Read More »

Strength in Numbers

The membership of the LVPPA is at an all-time high. We have made it our mission to reach out to those non-members and attempt to understand why he or she is not a member of their collective bargaining unit. The membership numbers are well over 90%, and we make every effort to reach out and include all commissioned personnel in various events. I had a non-member approach me one day... Read More »

Wear Your Sunday Best

The day that badge is pinned on your chest, and you raise your right hand is the same day you sign that check. It is a check written without a date, but the amount due is everything. It’s everything. It is your existence in this world. It is your tomorrow’s. It is your ability to watch your children grow and for you to grow old. It is the day when you walk out of your home,... Read More »

Benefits of Donating to LEAF

Many of you already know about or donate to our charity, the Law Enforcement Assistance Fund (LEAF), but some people aren’t familiar with the charity, what its purpose is and what benefits you get for donating to the fund. Let’s start with the most important aspect of this fund, which is to financially support the children of fallen officers by paying for their college... Read More »

2023 Nevada Legislative Preview

The elections are over, and Sheriff Joseph Lombardo is now Governor Joseph Lombardo. This puts police officers in Nevada in a very good position to have our profession protected and hopefully get back on track of protecting Nevadans instead of having our profession attacked with more police reform that tries to tie our hands and ultimately hurts the citizens of our state. Read More »

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