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May/June 2022

Police Versus Fire Charity Football Game

On May 7 at 7 p.m., members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department will play a charity tackle football game against fellow first responders from the Professional Firefighters of Nevada. This game used to be played back in the late ’70s and early ’80s. All the games were very competitive, but over time, the game fell by the wayside and was no longer played. Read More »

Don’t Say a Word!

Anything you say can and will be used against you, not for you! I’m sure most of you remember lying to your parents as a child and getting away with it once or twice, but then the truth eventually came out and the punishment ended up being far worse. Read More »

National Police Week 2022

As May rapidly approaches, it is time to look forward to Memorial Day weekend, summer breaks, vacations with the family and the Fourth of July. However, before we get there, we must always honor our fallen officers. We vow to never forget them and strive to continue to serve our community in their honor. Read More »

What Makes a Great Leader

I have had the pleasure of working with some outstanding officers in my tenure with the LVMPD. I am very proud when I see an officer move into the ranks of supervision. I have dealt with some really fine supervisors, and I truly believe that some have the best interest of their troops at heart. Read More »

Six Seconds

A Las Vegas native who grew up in the Northeast Area Command. A child of blue-collar, working-class parents. A veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps, including postings as a military police officer, completing deployments in Iraq and Kuwait — who also served in the prestigious HMX1 … Read More »

Life Is Short — Focus on What’s Important

I went to my first police academy in 1998. I loved the job. I never felt more alive than in patrol, or when rolling with my guys on some of the specialty teams I have been blessed to serve on. I joined the job to deal with bad guys — to stand up to those who prey on society, to go after those who believe they are untouchable … Read More »

Early Planning for Retirement Class

One of the things that I think we fail to do as an agency is to educate our employees on the importance of planning for retirement. When it comes to planning for retirement, the earlier the better. The old saying “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” is pretty accurate for this subject. Read More »

What to Do if Investigated for an Off-Duty Incident

Over the last several months, we have had police officers investigated for off-duty incidents where some troubling trends emerged. The biggest issue is when an officer freely and willfully gives LVMPD detectives their cellphone without probable cause or a search warrant. Detectives then take that cell and download all its contents. Read More »

Got a CRB Complaint — What’s Next?

Receiving a complaint from the Citizen Review Board can seem daunting, especially when the complaint is bogus. That’s where we come in. Send the letter and complaint to me at Upon review, I will reach out to you for the details. Read More »

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