Vegas Beat Magazine

January/February 2022

The Realities of Recruitment and Retention

With last year in our rearview mirror, 2022 is a chance to reset and start fresh after 2021 had many of us limping to the finish line. It’s no secret that the past year was a whirlwind for law enforcement around the country. COVID-19 — and the vaccines, variants and deaths that have come with it — continues to take a toll on our personal and professional lives. Read More »

The Dirty Dozen!

Sometimes, finding material to write about is so easy when we have supervisors who don’t even know how to write a contact report. Not only is there a Managing Employee Performance and Conduct handbook to spell it out for them, but there should be an expected level of common sense when addressing an employee’s performance. Let’s start with the basics. Read More »

The Importance of “Why”

Why is “why” important when it comes to force investigations and the internal review? The who, what, when and where are the easy parts of the investigation. It’s all laid out right in front of us. We have body-worn camera footage and witness statements at our disposal during the investigation. We are all versed at discovering and investigating as officers. Read More »

It Just Doesn’t Make Sense

Have you ever believed in something or someone, and then all of a sudden, your faith is torn apart, and you are made to feel that the faith you had may have been misguided? About 21 years ago, I was a witness to an incident involving another officer. I was notified by IAB of a pending interview. Read More »

Changes to Your Deferred Compensation Contribution

According to Google, the third most popular New Year’s resolution is to save more money. However, saving money is not always as easy as it sounds — it takes time and discipline. For many of us, as soon as we get our savings built up, we go out and splurge, buying that new car or gun that we’ve had our eyes on. This is something I have been guilty of in the past. Read More »

Navigating Workers’ Compensation Appeals

Weekly, I hear from LVPPA members about how bad CCMSI is when it comes to having claims involving job-related injuries approved for treatment. There are some horror stories, such as CCMSI claiming that running in the Academy is not an official job-related duty, so many Academy recruits have had injury claims denied that occurred while they were conducting Academy PT activities. Read More »

It’s an Honor

I would like to take this moment to introduce myself. My name is Gregory Stinnett. I began my journey with Las Vegas Metro in September 2003, entering the Academy as […] Read More »