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Metro: Our History, Our Story

There are few on the Department today who remember our roots, but we haven’t always been Metro and we haven’t even always been here. Today, we are one of the […] Read More »

Fit for Duty: Mark Lafavor

Knowing what I know now, I think it’s very important. I’ve been lucky enough to live a healthy life, but everyone is a little different. I feel it’s up to me to give him the basic knowledge about how to take care of his body, and encourage him to be very active at his age and throughout his life. Read More »

NAPO: How Does It Assist the LVPPA and You?

The National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) is a coalition of police unions and associations from across the United States that serves to advance the interests of America’s law enforcement officers through legislative and legal advocacy, political action and education. Read More »

Metro United Football Club

On a blazing-hot Sunday morning in July, if you drive by the soccer fields at the Charlie Kellogg and Joe Zaher Sports Complex, you will see all of them occupied by teams sprinting in the Vegas sun. You probably just shake your head and think, “Wow, it’s too hot to walk outside, yet these guys are playing in this scorching heat.” Read More »

Fit for Duty: Shahann Greene

Knowing what I know now, I think it’s very important. I’ve been lucky enough to live a healthy life, but everyone is a little different. I feel it’s up to me to give him the basic knowledge about how to take care of his body, and encourage him to be very active at his age and throughout his life. Read More »

Fit for Duty: Kashif (KJ) Summers

Being fit as a police officer has increased my confidence to take on any situation head-on with minimal fear. No one knows your abilities more than yourself. If you trained hard, when a situation of crisis is presented, you’ll know exactly which steps to take to succeed. Read More »

You Deserve Respect! You Earned It!

I have to say I still have pride in wearing my uniform every time I put it on. I know the current climate around the country is that all law enforcement officers are “bad people” and we are all out running rogue. The truth is that our officers are doing it right! Read More »

Under Stress, Under Fire

High Alert

Shootouts, grim sights, daily stress, public scrutiny — police work is a mental battlefield. How do you fix the tortured mind of a cop? Read More »

Social Media and Its Potential Impact on Your Career

A number of years ago, I wrote an article on the then-new trend of imposing discipline for certain information officers put out on social media. Fast forward a number of years and now this trend is no longer so new. In fact, since I first wrote on this subject, we now have a formal policy pertaining to your use of social media. Read More »

Shellie Clark

Fit For Duty: Shellie Clark

I have been competing for the last nine years. After completing a few marathons, I thought it would be fun to try a (sprint distance) triathlon. This consists of a leg that is a 1/2-mile swim, a leg that is a 12- to 14-mile bike ride, finally followed by a leg that is a 3.1-mile run. I considered myself to be in good shape because I regularly worked out two hours a day. Read More »

Sheriff Lombardo

Meet Our New Sheriff: Q & A With Sheriff Lombardo

On January 21, I sat down with newly elected Sheriff Lombardo to find out who he is, where he has been, and what he sees as the future for the men and women at LVMPD. Having broken my ankle a few weeks back, I “strolled” into the Sheriff’s office on my awesome four-wheel scooter (with metal basket attachment, of course), sat down with the boss and asked the following... Read More »

Accident Review Board

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about the Accident Review Board, or ARB. This is a process that has been in place here for many years. Some of you have had the “pleasure” of attending one of these hearings. We as police officers, and also some correction officers, drive a lot of miles in the performance of our jobs. We drive millions of miles per... Read More »

Santino DeWreede

Fit for Duty: Santino DeWreede

I grew up playing baseball. I picked up a bat when I was around 4 years old, and pretty much didn’t put one down until the time when I entered the Police Academy in 2009. I still play in the Police and Fire Games, and the adult league here in town. I’ve been lucky enough to play just about everywhere on the field, and most positions have their own fun challenge, but catching... Read More »

Critical Incident Review Process

Many of you have never experienced the Critical Incident Review Process, which consists of the Use of Force Board and Tactical Review Board. You have all heard stories from other officers’ experiences, and even from the media about how the boards are just a rubber-stamp process. But folks, let’s be real. This is no rubber-stamp process, even back to my first OIS in 2001. The... Read More »

Support Helicopter

The Patrol Support Helicopter

As we progress into the year 2015, street criminals continue to evolve and adapt to the tactics we utilize to apprehend them. Having worked as a police officer in Southern Nevada since 1993, I have watched these changes in suspect tactics result in a more thorough and evasive street criminal. They are more cunning, savvy and violent, and they have a detailed thought process when... Read More »

Sheriff Gillespie

Best Wishes in Retirement to Sheriff Gillespie

Please join me in wishing our outgoing Sheriff, Doug Gillespie, much health and happiness in his retirement. Sheriff Gillespie joined the force in 1980. Before becoming our Sheriff, he served in patrol, Field Training, SWAT, K-9, and Special Events, as well as at the Academy. Read More »

Issues in Your Tissues

As law enforcement officers, you have mastered multiple aspects of a job that most people cannot begin to comprehend. When I teach yoga, my students often ask me what the most stressful part of my police job is. Usually I have to pause and think of the most eloquent way to articulate that every single facet of my job creates some form of stress. Read More »

Marla Stevens

Fit for Duty: Marla Stevens

My entire family has always been involved in rodeo. My dad rode bulls and bareback horses and also roped. My mom ran barrels her entire life and still runs now at 62 years old. My husband also competes and has a background in roping, ranch sorting and riding bareback horses. Read More »

To Be or Not to Be…a Member

I would like to discuss whether an officer should or should not be a member of the LVPPA. Since coming to the LVPPA last August, I have had a couple of incidents with officers who were involved, one way or another, in an incident where representation would be beneficial. Read More »


Photos with Santa

Everyone had a wonderful time when Santa came to visit the PPA on December 20! We had a really great turnout and plan on making this a regular holiday event. Read More »