Winnie Austin Hansen

Winnie HansenDeputy Sheriff Winnie Austin Hansen was a member of the Clark County Sheriff’s Department. He was born October 3, 1893.

On December 26, 1950, Deputy Sheriff Hansen along with his partner Deputy Sheriff William Wolf, were proceeding east on Boulder Highway when they observed a vehicle that seemed out of control. A vehicle stop was made in the safety zone in front of the Green Shack Restaurant, located on Boulder Highway, 500 feet from Charleston Boulevard East.

Both deputies exited their vehicle along with the driver of the stopped vehicle. It was found that the driver’s vehicle was disabled due to a leak in the brake line. Deputy Sheriff Hansen was standing to the rear of the vehicle, the citizen and Deputy Sheriff Wolf were standing by the passenger door. Deputy Sheriff observed a vehicle coming into the safety zone in their direction, and immediately pulled the citizen and himself out of the way of the on-coming vehicle, which struck the door of the vehicle they had stopped, striking Deputy Sheriff Hansen.

Deputy Sheriff Hansen was transported to the County Hospital where he died from his injuries. The driver of the striking vehicle was arrested and convicted of vehicular manslaughter.