Wilbur E. McGee

Wilbur McGeeOfficer McGee joined the Las Vegas Police Department on June 22, 1954, and served the Department for 17 months.

On November 11, 1955, Officer McGee was investigating an early morning burglary in which $300 in coins were taken. Unbeknownst to the victim of the burglary, two pistols were also stolen, as well as a pellet gun and a 22-caliber revolver. Later in the day, Officer McGee received a call that the suspect was at a local downtown motel. When Officer McGee arrived at the hotel, he heard the desk clerk talking to the suspect in a loud voice. The suspect surrendered the pellet gun but as the officer was handcuffing him, he pulled the second gun from his waistband and shot Officer McGee four times. As Officer McGee lay mortally wounded, the suspect took the officer’s revolver and fled out the back door of the hotel. When he was captured a short time later, he was still carrying the slain officer’s revolver.

Officer McGee was 33 when he died and was survived by his wife.