The Last Four Years

Steven Grammas
Steven Grammas

By the time this edition of Vegas Beat is published, it will be about four years since I took over as the president of the LVPPA. When they say “time goes fast,” they mean it. That expression really hit home when I sat down and thought about how quickly these last four years have gone by. I can distinctly remember asking both our Board of Directors and Executive Board at the time for their support. As I look back, everything that our group has accomplished has been such a team effort between the Executive Board and Board of Directors as well as our members.

I can’t say enough how amazing our Executive Board is; their work ethic, drive and commitment to our officers has been and continues to be incredible. Every person who has been on this Executive Board has never batted an eye when I asked them to do more than we have ever done, be available, and plan and participate in our events. I am so proud of where we have been and what we have done. I also need to recognize our office staff. Laura, Roy, Adella and Kayleen constantly deal with changing directions, new tasks and new events along with their normal day-to-day operations. They are the most amazing staff any organization could ask for, and we would not be where we are without them. There is also a huge thank-you that needs to be extended to your elected Board of Directors. For those who may not be aware, the LVPPA is directed and driven by the Board of Directors. They have the ultimate authority over the decisions of both the membership and the Executive Board. They often take a lot of criticism at their respective areas, but they continue to stay committed to the task of representing their area officers. These folks take their role very seriously, and I can tell you they represent you well.

In the last four years, we have had life-altering events (1 October and the protests). We have lost friends and co-workers, and we have been attacked by people who have never put their lives on the line for a human being they have never met. I have been on this agency since 1998 — 22 years — and the evolution of police work is something I don’t think I could have ever contemplated. Every nuance of an officer’s day is dissected, picked apart and Monday-morning quarterbacked in every way possible. Yet, despite this, all of our folks still go out and bust their butts and put their lives on the line for our community, because we all know, in the end, we do this job for the citizens who want to feel safe and secure. We don’t do it for praise or recognition. You have to love police work and helping others to do this job. I have loved this job since the day I started, and as my assignments changed, I continued to love the work we do.

The last four years as the president of the LVPPA have been the most rewarding times in my entire career. I will again ask the membership to support me as president for a second term in October, and I hope, with your support, that we can do even more than we have been able to do over the last four years. Thank you all, and stay safe.