Brian Grammas

Brian was born in Poughkeepsie, New York and moved to Las Vegas in 1981. Brian went to Bonanza High School and graduated in 1992. Brian entered the Police Academy in August 1996. After finishing field training, Brian was assigned to the Northwest Area Command. Brian was assigned to the first graveyard bike squad that worked William Area. Brian moved to Swing Shift and worked as an FTO for 1 year. Brian transferred to the Police Academy and worked as a TAC Officer for 2 years. While at the Academy, Brian became a Defensive Tactics Instructor, taught combined PO/CO academies as well as Cadet/PSR and lateral academies. Brian also work as an instructor at AOST. In January of 2003, Brian transferred to the Narcotics Bureau. During his time in Narcotics, Brian was assigned to Street Narcotics as well as the Admin squad. Brian became a Taser Instructor and was in charge of the Narcotics AOST and RBT training. Brian served as an Appointed At Large rep for Covert Ops for over 1 year. After 15 years in Narcotics, Brian was appointed to the LVPPA Executive Board in December of 2017 as Secretary.

Kirk Hooten

Kirk is returning to the LVPPA Executive Board for a second tour of duty, having spent 2011-2014 as Director of Communications and Director of Governmental affairs.

Kirk was hired by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in February 1994. For the first three and a half years of his career, he worked in the Patrol Division assigned to the Southwest Area Command, Northwest Area Command, Support Services Bureau and Downtown Area Command. In September 1997, he transferred to the Vice/Narcotics Bureau where he spent nearly twenty years, assigned to Vice for one year and the remainder in Narcotics. During his time in Narcotics, Kirk was assigned to Street Narcotics, the Marijuana Grow Initiative, and most notably, eleven years on Federal Task Forces with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Department of Homeland Security. While working with the DEA, Kirk was fortunate to have worked multiple international cases and traveled to Belgium, Spain, Thailand and Denmark in support of those cases.

In August 2008 Kirk was appointed to the LVPPA Board of directors as an At-Large representative prior to accepting both positions on the Executive Board.

Tyler Todd

Tyler was born and raised in Stockton, CA. At 18 he joined the United States Air Force and was stationed at Nellis AFB. While in the Air Force Tyler became a Noncommissioned Officer. He separated from the Air Force as a Staff Sergeant in 2004 to join the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Tyler’s first assignment as a patrol officer was in the Northeast Area Command. While at NEAC he became a Field Training Officer and was elected by his peers to be their union representative on the Board of Directors.

In 2014 Tyler transferred to the traffic bureau and had to relinquish his position as a representative. In the beginning of 2016 he was asked to be part of the board of directors again by filling an at-large position. During his time on the Board of Directors he has written articles for the LVPPA magazine and was hand selected to be part of the last three contract teams. In July 2016 Tyler was appointed by the board of directors to become an executive board member and currently serves as the Secretary/Treasurer.

Myron Hamm

Myron was born in Rocky Mount, North Carolina and at the age of 18 his family moved to SanDiego, California. He joined the United States Air Force in 1989 and Nellis Afb was his first duty station. After tours in Korea, England and his last duty station, Travis AFB in Norther California, Myron decided it was time to settle into a community. He tested for the LVMPD and entered the Corrections Academy in Feb of 2000.

Myron was assigned to the North Tower Bureau and during his tenure he joined the SERT team and became a firearms instructor. In 2003 Myron was reassigned to South Central Area Command as the Prisoner Transport Operator. Myron also served as the Transport Driver for the newly formed Saturation team. In 2007 Myron was elected to the board of directors at the LVPPA. He spent a tour in Central Booking and from 2007-2010 and another tour in field services from 2011-2014. From 2015-2016 Myron was assigned to the Alternatives to incarceration section, in 2017 he was appointed to the LVPPA executive board as the Director of Corrections. Myron has been working with the board since his election in 2007, he has served on contract negotiation teams and spent many hours representing members in Internal Affairs.

Steve Grammas

Steve was born in the fast paced city of Poughkeepsie, New York, but moved to Las Vegas when he was 1 and has grown up in Las Vegas. Steve attended Bonanza High School while also participating in the Explorer program from the age of 16. Steve was hired out of high school as a Cadet in August of 1998. After completing 2 ½ years as a Cadet, he attended the Police Academy. After graduating the Police Academy and Field Training, he was assigned to Northwest Area Command on the graveyard shift. Steve later transferred to swing shift and then spent a short time being a Field Training Officer. After training, Steve was transferred to the Problem Solving Unit where he spent 3 years conducting several different types of investigations from Attempted Murder cases to residential Burglaries. In February of 2009, Steve had the privilege of transferring to the Narcotics Section where he spent the next 5 ½ years working as a Case Agent Detective, drafting Search Warrants and running covert cases as well as conducting Dynamic Search Warrant entries, as well as an Undercover Detective making purchases from known felons in the Las Vegas valley. During his career, Steve has been involved in almost every area of law enforcement. Steve received training in Instructor Development and became a Master ODV instructor and has taught classes at the Academy as well as In- Service training. In March of 2013, Steve took the Bermuda position on the PPA Board of Directors. Steve then transferred full time to the PPA Executive Board in August of 2014. Since being on the E-board, Steve responds to OIS’s and other callouts as well as attends CIRT, FIT and IAB interviews with PPA members. Steve also takes part in the Use of Force Board process and has attended Accident Review Boards where he also assists members of the PPA. Steve is a part of several committees at the PPA and is the current President.

Scott Nicholas

Scott was hired by the LVMPD as a Corrections Officer in February of 2000. Soon after graduation from the academy, Scott worked at Las Vegas City Jail where CCDC was housing 550 inmates. In 2001, Scott joined the Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) and was on the team for 9 years. In 2002, he transferred to the Central Booking Bureau where he remained until joining the Executive Board of the LVPPA.

In 2004, Scott became a Defensive Tactics Instructor and Firearms Instructor upon completion of the NRA training and all associated LVMPD training and certification. In 2006, Scott was elected to the LVPPA Board of Directors representing the Detention Services Division. In 2010, He was elected to a second term representing Detention Services. In March of 2012, Scott was appointed to the LVPPA Executive Board as the Secretary. In 2013, Scott was asked to become the treasurer and currently holds that title. In 2016, Scott took on duel rolls by also becoming the Assistant Executive Director. Later in 2016, Scott became Vice President.

Bryan Yant

Bryan is from Canton, Ohio. He joined the United States Marine Corps in 1996 as an Infantry man and obtained the rank of Corporal. He was hired by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in 2000. He was assigned to Northwest Area Command. While assigned there he worked Patrol, as a Field Training Officer, and in the Problem Solving Unit. He has been a firearms instructor since 2006. He then transferred to Narcotics Squad 8 in 2008. In 2011 he was assigned to the Southern Nevada Counter Terrorism Watch Desk. While assigned there he became the Headquarters Building B PPA representative. In 2014 he helped establish the Real Time Crime Center utilizing the Public Safety cameras along Las Vegas Blvd. He was appointed to LVPPA Executive Board in 2014 as the Secretary, and currently serves the membership as the Sergeant-at-Arms.

In 2015 Bryan attended the 5 day certification course taught by Dr. Bill Lewinski of The Force Science Institute. In 2016 Bryan was selected to attend an advanced 400 hour course taught by The Force Science Institute. Bryan successfully completed this course and is an Advanced Force Science Analyst. The Force Science Institute is comprised of a world-class team of physicians, psychologists, behavioral scientists, attorneys and other leading professionals. They are dedicated to the unbiased application and further study of 150 years of existing scientific research on a wide range of areas associated with human factors, including the intricacies of human movement, action/reaction times, how the mind works during rapidly unfolding events, decision-making under stress, etc. Their goal is to provide information on human behaviors during high-stress, rapidly unfolding encounters to those who are tasked with evaluating and investigating the behavior of individuals involved in these events. It is their hope that they can support their efforts to ensure that these evaluations are thoroughly informed, fair and fact-finding.

Mike Ramirez

Mike was born and raised in Las Vegas. In 2005, he received the call that he was accepted into the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. He started in patrol on the graveyard shift in the Southwest area command. When the Field Training program was implemented for the graveyard shift, he became a Field Training Officer. With his union experience in his prior line of work, he quickly develop  an interest in the Las Vegas Police Protection Association. In 2008 he was appointed as the Southwest Area Command Director. Then Southwest turned into Enterprise area command. While still in patrol, Mike accepted the appointment to Executive Board of the LVPPA as the Secretary in 2013. In 2014 Mike took the roll of Director of Governmental Affairs. With this came the duties of lobbying in Carson City during the 2015 legislation session. In addition, Mike serves on the Donation Committee and PAC Committee as well as Bylaw and Expense Committee, and holds the position of Secretary of the LEAF Charities Committee.