Assembly Passes Bill to Shield Nevada Police Addresses

Current and retired cops might soon be able to leave their personal addresses off their Nevada driver’s licenses.

Assembly Bill 252 would allow police officers to have their driver’s license show the address of the agency where they work, rather than their home. That shielding would also extend to retired officers.

California, Arizona, Georgia and Wyoming have similar laws meant to protect the privacy of law enforcement officers.

The bill was heard Tuesday on the Assembly floor. The only discussion came when Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton, D-Las Vegas, asked if the bill was needed, since officers are already allowed to shield their addresses in listings such as phone books and property records.

Assemblywoman Robin Titus, R-Wellington, the bill’s sponsor, said she checked with the Department of Motor Vehicles and found there is nothing on the books currently that gives officers the ability to put alternate addresses on their licenses.

The bill passed the Assembly by a 40-1 vote Tuesday and was sent to the Senate. Carlton cast the lone nay vote.