Executive Board

Chris Collins

Executive Director

Chris was hired by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in January 1984. For the first six years of his career, he worked in the Patrol Division assigned to the Southeast Area Command and Northwest Area Command. In February 1990, he transferred to S.W.A.T. where he spent 12 years. In January 2002 he transferred to the Detective Bureau, where he spent time in both Domestic Violence and Robbery. In August 2002 he was appointed as the Assistant Executive Director at the LVPPA.

In October 2006, Chris was elected to succeed Dave Kallas as Executive Director of the Association.

Mark Chaparian

Assistant Executive Director

Mark has been a police officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department since 1991 and a United States Air Force veteran. He was a Field Training Officer for nine of his sixteen years in patrol. Mark became involved with the Las Vegas Police Protective Association when he was appointed a position with the 2004 Collective Bargaining Unit. Mark pursued his interest in serving when he was appointed as the Northwest Area Command Director in 2005. In 2007, Mark was then appointed to the Executive Board as Secretary of the Association. Mark was then asked to serve as the Assistant Executive Director in 2009, a position he holds today. Additionally, he serves as a Trustee for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Employee Health and Welfare Trust and as a Trustee on the Employee Benefit Trust.

Thomas Reid


Tom was hired as a Corrections Officer for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in July 1997. While at the Clark County Detention Center, Thomas became a member of the Special Emergency Response Team, a Defensive Tactics and Firearms Instructor. He was voted onto the Board of Directors of the LVPPA in 2000 and became an Executive Board Member in October 2004. Prior to being hired by LVMPD, Thomas was an Artillery Officer in the USMC. He is now in the USMC Reserves where he currently holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Mike Ramirez

Director of Governmental Affairs

Mike was born and raised in Las Vegas. In 2005, he received the call that he was accepted into the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. He started in patrol on the graveyard shift in the Southwest area command. When the Field Training program was implemented for the graveyard shift, he became a Field Training Officer. With his union experience in his prior line of work, he quickly developed an interest in the Las Vegas Police Protection Association. In 2008 he was appointed as the Southwest Area Command Director. Then Southwest turned into Enterprise area command. While still in patrol, Mike accepted the appointment to Executive Board of the LVPPA as the Secretary in 2013. In addition, Mike serves on the Donation Committee and PAC Committee as well as holds the position of Secretary of the LEAF Charities Committee.

Bryan Yant

Director of Communications

Bryan is from Canton, Ohio. He joined the United States Marine Corps in 1996 as an Infantry man and obtained the rank of Corporal. He was hired by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in 2000. He was assigned to Northwest Area Command. While assigned there he worked Patrol, as a FTO, and in PSU. He has been a firearms instructor since 2006. He then transferred to Narcotics Squad 8 in 2008. In 2011 he was assigned to the Southern Nevada Counter Terrorism Watch Desk. While assigned there he became the Headquarters Building B PPA representative. In 2014 he helped establish the Real Time Crime Center utilizing the Public Safety cameras along Las Vegas Blvd.

Scott Nicholas


Scott was hired by the LVMPD as a Corrections Officer in February of 2000. Soon after graduation from the academy, Scott worked at Las Vegas City Jail where CCDC was housing 550 inmates. In 2001, Scott joined the Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) and was on the team for 9 years. In 2002, he transferred to the Central Booking Bureau where he remained until joining the Executive Board of the LVPPA.

In 2004, Scott became a Defensive Tactics Instructor and Firearms Instructor upon completion of the NRA training and all associated LVMPD training and certification. In 2006, Scott was elected to the LVPPA Board of Directors representing the Detention Services Division. In 2010, He was elected to a second term representing Detention Services. In March of 2012, Scott was appointed to the LVPPA Executive Board as the Secretary.

Darryl Clodt

Sergeant at Arms

I have been employed with the LVMPD since 1992. I spent my first five years on graveyard until I transferred to day shift as an FTO in William area for one year. In 1998, I transferred to the Gang Unit as part of the first Enforcement Team. Two years later, I transferred to day shift as part of the investigative team who investigated shootings, stabbings and other violent gang-related crimes. After 9/11, I was recalled back to active duty in the United States Air Force and after 24 years of Service, I retired from the USAF in 2008. In 2007, I joined the Counter-Terrorism Unit, where I traveled to and lived in Washington, D.C., as a liaison for the LVMPD to the Department of Homeland Security’s National Operations Center. I have been a Defensive Tactics Instructor for nearly my entire career and became a Firearms Instructor in 1998. I have been a Representative on the LVPPA Board since April 6, 2006. I spent the first year representing the Gang Unit and was appointed to an At-Large position representing Counter Terrorism, ARMOR, Emergency Management and the Department’s DOC. In 2009 Chris Collins and the Executive Board asked me to join the team as a full-time representative in the position of Secretary.

Steve Grammas


I was born in New York, but moved to Las Vegas when I was 1 and have grown up in this town. I attended Bonanza High School while also participating in the Explorer program from the age of 16. I was hired out of high school as a Cadet in August of 1998. After completing 2 ½ years as a Cadet, I attended the Police Academy. After graduating the Police Academy and Field Training I was assigned to NWAC graveyard where I feel I learned how to be a real cop with some awesome people working around me. I later transferred to swings and then spent a short time being a Field Training Officer. After training, I was transferred to the Problem Solving Unit where I spent 3 years learning the ropes as a PSU officer. In February of 2009, I had the privilege of transferring to the Narcotics Section where I spent the next 5 ½ years working as a Case Agent Detective as well as an Undercover Detective. I received training in Instructor Development and became a Master ODV instructor. In March of 2013 I took the Bermuda office PPA Board of Directors position and then transferred full time to the PPA Executive Board in August of 2014.

Board of Directors

Name Title/Position Year Term Ends
Chris Collins Executive Director 2017
Mark Chaparian Asst. Exec. Dir. appointed
Thomas Reid Director appointed
Mike Ramirez Director of Governmental Affairs appointed
Scott Nicholas Treasurer appointed
Bryan Yant Director of Communications appointed
Darryl Clodt Sergeant-At-Arms appointed
Steve Grammas Secretary appointed
Guy Hui Airport 2018
Pat Burke At Large (1) appointed
Bob Lewis At Large (2) appointed
Luis Payan At Large (3) appointed
Jane Pinto At Large (4) appointed
Vito Pasqualicchio BAC 2016
Joe Jones Bermuda 2016
Gerald Jackson CCAC 2015
Troy McCarthur CCDC - CBB 2018
Mike Reinarz Deputy City Marshal 2017
Tim English DTAC 2017
Bryon Bunitsky EAC 2015
Barry Jensen HQ (A1) 2017
Joe Giannone HQ (A2) 2017
Troy McArthur Detention - NTB 2016
Myron Hamm Detention – SOB 2017
Debra Lochner Detention – STB 2015
Peter Fuller HQ (B) 2015
Robert Sigal HQ (C) 2015
David Tomczak Resident (Laughlin) 2018
Michael Yandric Muni Court Marshals 2015
Jesse Kommel-Bernstein NEAC 2016
Jonathan Riddle NWAC/Academy 2018
Henry Hoffman Resident North 2017
Michael Malone Retiree 2015
James Burt SCAC 2018
Jesse Brambilla SEAC 2017
Duwayne Layton Special Units 2016
David Martel Traffic 2016
***Appointed Terms - 1 Year